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Volunteer Advisory Committees are established by Council and are comprised of volunteer members from the Hamilton community. Volunteer Advisory Committees provide advice to Council through reports, on their area of expertise to an assigned Standing Committee. Members of Volunteer Advisory Committees are selected by the Interview Sub-Committee of the appropriate Standing Committee and are appointed by Council. When Volunteer Advisory Committees hold a ‘meeting’ as that term is defined in the Municipal Act, 2001/the City’s Procedural By-law, it must comply with the open meeting provisions of the Municipal Act, 2001 and the City’s Procedural By-law as applicable.


Board Information

The LGBTQ Advisory Committee for the City of Hamilton exists to eliminate barriers experienced by LGBTQ communities by giving voice to the perspectives of LGBTQ individuals and evaluating the City on its related efforts. The Committee does this by making recommendations to Council and staff in order that the City of Hamilton will excel in providing services to and interfacing with members of the LGBTQ communities.

The Committee is empowered by City Council and is responsible to City Council for its services; it reports to City Council on issues and concerns pertaining to the LGBTQ communities through the Emergency and Community Services Committee.

Emergency and Community Services Committee

Chelsea Kirkby, Staff Liaison

Email: chelsea.kirkby@hamilton.ca

Telephone: (905) 546-2424 ext. 3539

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