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Board of Directors – Arm’s Length 

Board of Directors are a corporation’s governing body are comprised of various memberships, including some Members of Council and sometimes citizen members.  The Boards of Directors report to their respective Shareholders. When these Boards of Directors hold a ‘meeting’ as that term is defined in the Municipal Act, 2001/the City’s Procedural By-law, it must comply with the open meeting provisions of the Municipal Act, 2001 and the City’s Procedural By-law


Board Information

To plan and direct policy, make decisions and is responsible to the organization and community it serves so the stated purposes, goals and objectives of the organization can be attained. Ensures a sound working relationship the lines of responsibility and accountability between the Board and Staff should be clearly defined.

Autonomous Body

Telephone: 905-546-2424 ext. 4408
Email: clerk@hamilton.ca

Name Position Term Start Term End Status Appointed By
Cassar, Craig Councillor 15 Nov 2022 14 Nov 2026 Active Council
Wilson, Alex Councillor 15 Nov 2022 14 Nov 2026 Active Council